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An exercise for physical and mental relaxation and to prepare mind and body for a positive birthing experience.


Track 1: A short Introduction to the exercise and its aims.  You should listen to this first before going into the full exercise.


Track 2: Guided relaxation exercise lasting about 25 mins.   This helps prepare the mind, and thus the body, for a natural

and joyful birth experience and helps you connect to your child and work with your body and mind to create harmony.


Listen to this first and then go into the exercise.  Do the exercise as often as possible—the more you take in the suggestions, the more your mind will accept the instructions for a positive birthing experience.   You can continue to follow the audio, or you can do the exercise on your own when you are familiar with the principles.

Guided Relaxation Exercise

Before listening, choose a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down, and make sure you won’t be disturbed.   You may open your eyes on the count at the end of the audio, allow yourself to continue relaxing, or drift into sleep and awaken naturally.

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RelaxATION FOR Childbirth

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