The answer to ‘where’ is wherever you like! A ceremony can take place on the beach, in the forest, on the mountain, under the blessing of the sun, or by the light of the moon!  Whatever place has a special energy for you—or is most convenient. 

Most hand-fastings are held within a location that can make the arrangements for the guests, for food if you wish, for flowers, for photographers and all the added arrangements that make up the occasion - or, in the case of a legal marriage, meet the legal requirements.. Hotels, restaurants, and wedding planners can arrange the location if you want some help.


My role is to put together a meaningful ceremony in consultation with you, suggest the set up for the ceremony, and conduct the ceremony at the location you choose.

My area of activity stretches from Marmaris to Fethiye  - anything beyond this may be possible subject to discussion.

The initial work of writing the ritual and the vows can be done by email, skype and phone, or in person if you are in the area.  I will suggest options and listen to your own ideas.  You may want to incorporate ancient marriage customs from your own culture or words that are particularly meaningful to you.

As the ritual is constructed around the desires of the couple, it makes it even more meaningful and binding. The very fact that you have to construct your own ceremony, think about what is involved in commitment, and create the vows, makes hand-fasting a very profound experience for all involved.

Fees for creating the ritual and the vows for a hand-fasting ceremony, and conducting the ceremony at the location chosen vary, but start at 500 TL.

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Sealing your commitment in your own way.

While traditional ceremonies exist for weddings - mostly within a religious context - their format does not always reflect what the couple wants to express.  In addition to weddings, ceremony can enhance the sense of commitment in celebrating engagements and in  renewing vows. 

Most couples want something special to commemorate their special day, some kind of ritual which will help mark the transition from being single to being a couple. With a hand-fasting ceremony, the construction of the whole ritual is a joint effort between myself and the couple who are making the commitment, thereby making the ceremony and the day uniquely special and significant to them. This very fluidity makes the ritual very appealing to people who want to shape their own ceremony, write their own vows and incorporate elements and symbolism meaningful to them,.

What you choose to include in your ceremony should always come from your heart and not from habit, obligation, or fear of judgment. Hand-fasting is an ancient ritual, originating in the custom of tying a couple’s hands together with cords or ribbons to demonstrate that they are "bound together", and the binding is an integral part of the ceremony.

Hand-fasting can add an extra dimension to an ordinary civil ceremony, or stand alone as a celebration of a couple’s love for each other.  It could be an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate some time after a civil event, or for a couple to renew their commitment at an anniversary or significant event in their lives.

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“You are the one I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with. I love and trust you without question.  You are the one I want to see when I first open my eyes in the morning, and it is you I want to give my last kiss of each night to.  I will always make every effort to be at your side whenever you need me.  I will stay with you for as long as you will stay with me.  I hope this will be for a lifetime.  As the sun lights each day and the moon lights the night, I will be there for you through spring, summer, autumn and winter.”

The above is one of the statements of commitment that may form part of a hand-fasting ceremony.  In addition to the binding of hands, ceremonial rites could include:

The Loving Cupdrinking from the same cup is a token that the couple will share everything from then on. It is broken afterwards as a sign that no one else will share what they have.

The Unity Candle We begin with three candles. The outer two represent the two people as individuals. They each lift their candle and use it to light the central, larger candle, as a token that what was once two has become one, and cannot be separated.

Cardinal BlessingsIn times past it was believed that the human soul shared characteristics with all things divine. It is this belief which assigned virtues to the cardinal directions; East, South, West and North. It is in this tradition that a blessing can be offered in support of the ceremony.

Elemental BlessingsSince it is within nature that we all exist, we ask blessings of Nature’s Elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth and the qualities each element has to offer.

Vow Renewal—”I believe in this marriage more strongly then ever.
· Today, I renew the promises I made to you ?? years ago,
· A promise of my hand and my heart,
· A promise to you of my love and devotion,
· A promise to provide for and protect you,
· It is with these promises that I recommit my love for you.
· I will continue to love you
· for as long as I shall live.”