Some Comments from Clients

I wish I’d done it earlier!”   E.


“Thank you so much for everything, you have saved my life - in more ways than one.” 


“Thank you so much for all your help in transforming my outlook on life.” 


“And I couldn’t believe my bad habit of picking nails and chewing cheeks are rarely happen.” -  AW.  Thailand (One session)


“Your workshop really did turn my life around for the better, even my friends and family have noticed a change in me.”


“Thanks so, so, so much for everything.  I’ve no words…..”


“Worth every penny!!!”


“You have opened a whole new world to me which I was blocking through my  own attitudes and thoughts”.



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Energy Healing and Stress Management

My training in Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Healing, Reiki and Shamanic practice allows me to combine my skills in the most effective way to activate the mind/body/spirit self-healing mechanisms.

Energy therapy stimulates the flow of subtle energy, balancing the energy field and releasing your innate self-healing power.

Subtle energy healing aims to balance the bio-energy system of the body, aids immune system function, and generally helps restore conditions helpful to self-healing.

We all store patterns of stress in our body and internal organs.  These patterns block the continuous flow of life force energy, manifesting as ill-health at some level of our being.  Energy healing starts the process of unblocking, allowing regeneration and rebalancing to take place.

Everybody has the potential for health and wellbeing.  But when stress becomes unmanageable, it manifests in physical, emotional or mental imbalance that affects performance at all levels and eventually creates illness and ‘dis’-ease.

Energy Healing helps you move towards achieving your potential, whether you are simply run down and low on energy, needing to recover from a serious illness, or experiencing spiritual, emotional or mental stress or disturbance that is requiring all your resources.