The Shamanic World View

Shamans view the universe as a living inter-connected web of energy and vibration with ‘spirit’ or ‘life force’ at the core of everything. 

A central feature of the Shaman’s world is that humanity, animals, and all other life is equal - the Shaman is at one with nature.  Because Shamans explore reality from different planes of consciousness,  they perceive the universe in the form of energy and vibration.  To them the world is a living, vibrating being and everything within it is connected. 

All things are alive, containing a life force or spirit.—from humans, animals and plants, to trees, rocks, oceans, mountains, rivers, lakes, elements, and even the equipment you are reading this on!  Spirit is the specific essence of a thing—everything is sacred, everything is reality, whether seen or hidden.

A common theme across most Shamanic cosmologies is the experience of three worlds—an Upper World, a Lower World, and a Middle World, inhabited by spirit guides, helpers and power animals—compassionate spirits who we can call upon for help.

Over my years of practice I have found  plenty of information on exploring and working with the mental and emotional aspects of psychotherapy.   However, with my own experience growing, I felt that something was missing— acknowledgement of our spiritual or ‘soul’ essence! 

And so, I embraced Shamanic practices to add that extra dimension to my therapy and to my own personal development.  Shamanic techniques embrace  and address our innate spirituality, enabling a psycho-spiritual approach to healing and wholeness.

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“Shamanism is not a faith, but a wisdom tradition in which we learn purely from our own individual, collective and personal experience. It is not a religion and is dogma-free; indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice one already has. Many of us deeply desire a connection to our own ‘soulfulness’ and that of all other living beings in a free and natural way. This is the essence of Shamanism.”

-John Cantwell

Historical and archaeological evidence indicates that Shamanism dates back at least 40,000 years.  The tradition of Shamanism is an integral part of folk culture across many regions of the world, from Siberia, across Asia , Europe and North America.  

Shamans were the world's first healers, priests and therapists, and Shamanic Practitioners and Therapists use Shamanic techniques for their own personal development and to assist others in resolving their problems and finding their connection to their own spirituality and inner resources.

 Shamans explore and experience ‘reality’ on different levels of consciousness. They access ‘non-ordinary reality’ and draw upon spiritual dimensions for help.  By journeying to “other realities” they receive information for healing, for problem-solving, for guidance, etc. that can be applied to the needs of their community or an individual.













Shamanic Journeying

Shamans have always known that the answers we seek can be found within.  In leaving the distractions of the outer, material world and entering a deep trance state, they were able to access higher levels of consciousness to find answers, gain insights and promote healing with the help of power animals and spirit guides.

Shamanic Journeying is now recognised as an important therapeutic tool for psychological, emotional and spiritual health.  It is a means to directly explore, experience and comprehend the mysteries of life and the universe, to understand that everyone and everything is connected and part of a whole, and to gain insight, guidance and healing or to re-connect with your own spirituality.

It is one of the therapeutic tools I use—where appropriate for the client and the problem.   

On the Shamanic Journey I lead you into ‘non-ordinary reality’ using the sound and rhythm of the drumbeat to reach an altered state of awareness similar to a meditative or hypnotic trance state.  I then act as your guide on your journey, helping you find the help and knowledge that will lead you to your own solution.

A journey is always directed—it begins with the setting and stating of an intention.  Once you develop the skill of setting intention and have established a relationship with your guide(s), personal journeying between formal sessions can give you deeper insight into questions that arise in the session itself, and further sessions can be used either for guided journeys or for integrating the knowledge gained into your therapeutic journey. 

Shamanism exists in the sacred traditions of peoples from every inhabited land.

It is not a religion—it is the most ancient spiritual and psychological practice known to humankind, allowing a direct experience and understanding of the universe and all creation and our connection to it.